Offer of logistics services
  • Transport of goods from suppliers and distribution to the retail chains all over the EU according to the customer’s requirements and by our own truck fleet
  • All vehicles capable of transport by agreement ATP – the transport of goods under controlled temperature, digital record of temperature conditions during transportation of goods.
  • Online supervision – vehicles are equipped with tracking devices of the current vehicle position by GPS and conditions of carriage.
  • Regular inspection of cleanliness cargo areas and their disinfection by approved food detergents
  • Regular cyclic training of stable team of drivers, especially in the field of safe storage of cargo and observance of required temperature regime during transport
  • Regular driver training in accordance with legal requirements
  • Used vehicles – a “green approach” vehicle emission class Euro 5 EEV and EURO VI.(vehicles with maximum of 5 years old).

Trailers Schmitz and Lamberet, class FRC with refrigerators ThermoKing a Carrier