Packaging services

We own machines for packing fruit and vegetables into various types of consumer packaging. Our engineers carry out regular maintenance and repairs to the machines to ensure continuous operation. We modernize and streamline our machines every year

Packaging of fruits and vegetables regulary or once

More types of packaging machines

Great technical state

Regular modernization
to grow up performance
and effectivity

Types of output produced by our machines

Bags 1kg to 3kg   Net 1kg to 2kg Girsack 0,5 kg to 2 kg Nets with a label of 0.5kg to 2kg Baskets netting 0.5 kg to 1 kg
Flowpack 125 g to 1000 g Vertbag 1 kg to 2 kg Raschel bags 3 kg to 5 kg Automatic crate filler for goods up to 20 kg
Screener for more efficient picking. Filling crates of apples up to 15 kg.

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